Friday, January 21, 2011

Wildlife Webcams

I'd like to share something fun with you. Wildlife Webcams. Last year I got to see a barn owl cam with brand new babies! It was pretty cool. It looks like there are several cool things this year as well.

Here are a few that look particularly good...
Hummingbird & Babies - (better viewed during the day) This is a really cool one.
Bald Eagle Nest - California (better viewed during the day)
Mating Pair of Barn Owls - also California (can be viewed at night)
3 Baby Squirrels SO CUTE! - again, California. geez! (can be viewed at night)
Bear Cam - Minnesota (can be viewed at night) I'm not sure how often the bears show up

African Watering Hole - not sure how many animals show up; I think it'd be cool.
Australia Wildlife cam - pretty birds are there pretty often it seems. (can be viewed at night b/c when it's night here it's day there)

Well that's just about it. I think they all have something neat to offer. Hopefully you show up just at the right time to see something cool. Luckily though some of them always have something going one. I love the baby squirrels and the hummingbird babies!

Posted below are a few of my screenshots. Isn't Phoebe the hummingbird just beautiful!?

Phoebe the hummingbird
Barn Owl

this one is from the Australian backyard wildlife cam

Momma feeding hungry babies! She does this a lot so you've got a good chance of catching it

here are the babies! can you see their tiny little beaks? don't they look like caterpillars?!

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  1. I had no idea there were so many sites like these! I can't wait to try some of them. Thanks for sharing.


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