Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Like Woah!

I've fallen off the blogger band wagon. Is that even accurate or correct? I guess I have just been very busy and am starting to wonder the point of it all. I'm thinking blogging, other than for personal enjoyment and contact with family, is pointless. For awhile there it was great but as a use for professional advancement... not so great. Maybe it's because in my professional arena people don't take much stock in blogs. I suppose if I were to really get into it it could be helpful down the road, if I wanted to stay in psychology. But I'm not at all certain that's what I want to do. It's a really rough road to be on and I'm getting tired of the crap pay. If I want more pay then I need to go back to school for a helatiously long period of time; like 6 years JUST for school. That is helatiously long, believe it or not. I know, all you 50 and older crowd are thinking it's not a long time, and you may be right, but right now it seems like an unbearably long time. Espcially going it alone with just my income. Full time school for 6 years? And even then you don't just get to jump into work... and it's still in the crap pay area. I just don't know. I'm feeling very lost. So any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated right about now.

I've talked to my boss about leaving and she doesn't want me to. And I'm gonna get some more training which will get me more money and make me more desireable down the road. But I am SOOOOOOO busy. I work 6 days a week on a good week. On a bad week I work 7 days. And this is just surviving. It's rediculously expensive out here. It's impossible to live on one income these days. This life is rediculous. That's why people go out and get jobs that they're not passionate about; to survive. Trying to work in something that I enjoy does not pay and it's killing me. I have no time to do things I enjoy. I live in this great city, so close to Washington DC where there are so many things going on, and Baltimore and all these other great cities. I'm a day's visit to New York. But I have no time to partake in any of these wonderful things. I love doing activities but all I do is work and it's driving me mad and depressing me. Sure, I take time off. I do. Some days I'll just call out sick. But this pace is really getting to me. I'm still amazed that I haven't contracted an ulcer or some other kindof strange illness from stress. I guess it's because I do manage stress well. But I am tired.

thank you for your attention and appreciation and letting me have my vent.
In other news... MOUNT ELLIS ACADEMY got the money! So thank you to everyone that voted. They were one of 20 schools I believe to recieve money for the school.

Also, I will be staying in Maryland for awhile longer but am moving to a new apartment. Well, it's a house actually. I am looking forward to getting away from my roommates. Hopefully it works out better than my current arrangement.

I am still really into my audiobooks. I "read" about 1 every week and a half on average. I've devoured some wonderful books. check them out. Some I recently recommend are:

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
The Lord God Made Them All
Too Late to Say Goodbye
The Innocent Man
The Monster of Florence

I would love to do some more book reviews. Maybe that is what I will do to get back into my blogging. Because I really love books and I love to share them and talk about them. So be looking for my reviews on these above books and more!

til then I will leave you with a wonderful quote...