Monday, August 3, 2015

My Challenge. What's Yours?

Well, as is made clear, I am not a blogger. While I find it to be a good idea in theory I can never stick with it. I wonder, is blogging inherently selfish? To think that my ideas are so important that they're worth putting on the internet for other people to read. To think that I'm so interesting that people will want to read anything I have to say. I like reading other people's blogs sometimes. Sometimes they're 'journalist bloggers'.. is that a thing? I don't think I'm a horrible writer. I think some of the reason I don't do it is because I don't have time. Or I don't make time. Or I don't feel like I want people to know my thoughts.

I've changed the name of my blog today. Until now it was "Self Titled". I decided that was arrogant and self-centered and since I have been spending more and more time with God, even my non-existent blog should be more focused on Him than on me. All things that I do should be about Him and sharing the good news that is offered through Him. The more time I spend talking with God and studying His Word, the more peace I get. The less I worry. And the better my marriage gets. And here's something that I have found to be amazing...

He cares about the little things!

He cares about my job; about how I perform in my job. In fact, He's the reason I have the job I do today. And just today, He helped my husband with his job search. You may be wondering how can I know that God actually did anything? It could just be coincidence! No. Have you ever known anything and not been able to prove it? Even to yourself? Sometimes that's how it is with God. I know that He has helped me and been there to influence my decisions. No, It doesn't always mean He's going to answer the way I want, and sometimes He will be silent (I find that those are the times I usually know the answer already, I just want it to be a different one; the one I want but I know isn't right for me)... But He is there and He cares. He cares about how I react to my annoying co-worker. He reminds me EVERY DAY to stop being judgmental and love her the way that He loves her. Right now that is my current challenge. 

So, maybe I'll be on here more. And maybe I won't. I'm done making promises about blogging :) I'm going to make promises to God and maybe I'll get on here and tell you about the things I'm learning. Or maybe I'll just tell you about my day and my annoying neighbors that God keeps reminding me to pray for :) 

In any case, it's nice to spend time on  your computer screen with you. If you're interested, I'd like to hear about what your challenges are... they don't even have to be in relation to God or faith. Don't worry, I'm not gonna throw my Bible at you or tell you just just believe and everything will be alright... Let's just share our struggles and the ways we are trying to be better people on this earth.

ps - yes I'm still going to post on my Health Nuggets page... I mean, I might. No promises ;-)