Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beating the Winterland Blues

I was perusing through my Natural Health Magazine that I get for free somehow because of my wonderful (sometimes) brother who is always getting stuff for free... and came across an interesting little article called "win over winter" and they had some little tips for keeping the wintertime blues at bay. The article said they were tips from Scandinavian culture. Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D. ways that "prevention is better than any cure", and I SO agree! Eating a healthy diet full of nutrients is better than popping a vitamin pill.

1. Go for a morning walk - I know it's cold, but even a few minutes of AM mild aerobic activity and sunlight can brighten your mood for the whole day and keep you healthy and full of Vitamin D3.
I have read that if there is any pill that you should take, Vitamin D3 is one of them. Vitamin D3 is not the same vitamin D that you get out of milk or in a Calcium pill. It's what you get from sunlight. I've read that Doctors say 1000 iu's is a safe dosage for everyone, but some people need more; you doctor can tell you if you need more.
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2. "During the winter, Swedish cafes set out colorful blankets and pillows to help customers feel at home." (Natural Health mag). It is a coping technique for wintertime called mysig; which basically means cozy. 

Here are some pictures that look mysig to me..

 I would love to cuddle up in this chair with a nice book and a cup o joe.
15house cozy chair
To have your own mysig cafe you could set up your living room with a bunch of colorful pillows and candles. Invite some friends over for a mysig date. Play games or watch movies and wrap up in cozy colorful blankets.
Here's an interesting video on a Swedish Light Cafe...

click to go to

3. Be a waterbaby - get a quick blast of hot to cold. Like we used to do as kids, get in the hot tub and then jump out and roll around in the snow and jump back in. I guess there was something to all that, we just didn't know! You can get the same thing by alternating hot and cold water in your shower. (Be careful if you're pregnant or have a heart condition!)

4. Use Candles. They create a warm and welcoming environment. Some Sweeds even eat breakfast by candlelight. Sounds welcoming.


and of course...

Eat More Kale! - this didn't come from this particular article about winter blues... I just think it's great advice.

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