Monday, March 8, 2010

March Goal Meet-Up

So... there's a group at Brazen where you list your goals for the month; to keep you focused and to share with others. This will be my first goal meet-up. I am going to start small for the main purpose that I am so freakishly busy as it is that I couldn't possibly fit in anymore big goals.

March holds my mother and brother's birthdays so I am planning on sending birthday cards/letters. There, goal #1.

I am also big on recycling, but my apartment complex does not recycle. So I want to get some big garbage cans to put my plastics in. There, goal #2.

Fairly simple goals. But I can't start too big because I don't dare overwhelm myself. I work almost every day out of the week. Some weeks I only work 6 days a week. It's too much, but it's only temporary and right now I can't afford to drop a job.

Goal #3 is one that I am thinking about working on but it might be one that flows over into April... I have an IRA account with Sharebuilder and I need to call my local Dave Ramsey endorsed investment provider and ask him some questions about my account. I know it's a him because I talked on the phone with him one time to tell him that I would call him back later. haha. talk about procrastination.

If you have questions about insurance, investment, taxes... check out the providers that Ramsey recommends because I've talked to a few and they are really in it to help you, the normal person, understand these complicated topics... Which brings me to goal #4... I gotta do my taxes. Hooray!

So there you go. My monthly goals:
1. Send birthday cards
2. Get recycle bins
3. Call my IRA provider
4. File taxes!

When April Fools rolls around we will see how I did on my goals and see if I procrastinated so much that April has the same goals :)

Here's to following up!


  1. These are great goals. Good luck with them!

  2. Thanks! So far I already missed one! I didn't send my mom a card but I did call her! :)

    I'm working on finishing my taxes next. gotta get on that!


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