Saturday, August 18, 2012

You were born for a dream in the heart of God!

I was watching New Perceptions on Hope Channel this morning and there was something that stood out to me. (Hope Channel is free by the way, if you don't get it just call up your provider and they'll get it set up for you. Sometimes they have to come out and do something to your satellite but that's all). Dwight Nelson is doing a series of sermons about Radical Faith. They're all online so we can all enjoy them. I just tuned in today & missed the other 5, but you betchya I'm gonna go back and listen to the others. The message was fantastic. It reminded me of the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, which I have not finished but have started reading.

Do you remember the story of the rich young ruler? It is found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. A young ruler asks Jesus what he must do to be saved. He was a good man living a good life; he kept God's commandments. But he wanted more, he wanted a real relationship with God so he asks Jesus what he needed to do.

Mark 10:21 Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.”

This message is not solely for the rich. It is for all of us. We need to get radical. Jesus must have been so sad when the young ruler walked away. He was given the option to become a disciple, there could have been 13 instead of 12, but he was not willing to part with his possessions. 

How many times have we asked God why we don't feel a deeper connection to Him? We pray and pray but nothing seems to happen. Jesus died for us! That's radical! What makes us think that we can get away with any less and still 'get to heaven'. We are special. We are an IMPORTANT part of God's plan for this planet.

I loved this quote below from Dwight Nelson from his sermon this morning. It made me realize how important each and every person is in God's plan.

"There is no one on the planet that can fulfill the destiny that you were born for. You were born for a dream in the heart of God. If you say no that portion of God's dream will never get fulfilled. Nobody can step into your place." 
- Dwight K. Nelson
I thought of this song and thought it was a perfect match.

How special is THAT!?

We all fail. I fail every day. I do well in my own eyes and then just the other day I fell completely flat on my face. I failed so hard it's not even funny. So I had a bit of a pity party and whined to Jesus. Eventually I had to get over it. God knows we cannot do everything right, however that is not a very good excuse. I apologized and I am getting back up and trying again.

"Not because we FEEL it but because He SAYS it. We need to live by FAITH, not by FEELINGS. Faith and Trust in God's word." 

We don't always feel forgiven and that is part of satan's snare. "I am not good enough to enter heaven, I am not good enough to even try to follow Jesus." I have to know that I am forgiven when I ask it because He said so!

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  1. I kinda needed to read this... I fell flat on my face the other day too... pretty hard. It surpised me. But I needed this reminder. Thank you!


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