Thursday, November 10, 2011

for the love of art

Have you ever heard of Art Star Philly? I found them because a friend introduced me to Kurt Halsey, whose artwork I love. I have a few of his things, including a cute little firefly necklace. What I love about Art Star is finding new artists and styles. I enjoy finding oddball artwork that you wouldn't usually find in your everyday store or art gallery. It's like my love of music and 'discovering' musicians who aren't well known. (Tony Lucca for example... I've mentioned him before.)

Tony Lucca - Dirty Work by Rock Ridge Music

So without further adieu I will introduce a few artists that I've got my eye on...

CrystalBrilliance - is actually an acquaintance of mine. She makes her own jewelry and it's pretty interesting and unique stuff. She's got some new stuff coming out soon. It's nice to see your friends following their dreams and doing what they love.

Overdue Industries - repurposes books and gives them a new life as journals and planners, ect.. Everything is made by hand. You can also send in your own book for them to repurpose for you. Check out their About section to find out more. It's a pretty interesting concept.

James Singlewald Photography - James lives in Baltimore Maryland and photographs the downtown area. It was pretty interesting to stumble across him because I used to live in Maryland and I went to Baltimore fairly regularly and saw some of these places that he photographed. His goal is to improve the area that has fallen apart.

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy - Here's an interesting idea! I can't say that this is really my style but it's a fascinating idea. If I were a taxidermist I would totally go this route. They make fancy hats out of animals... chicken feet and feathers and what not... The feather-only ones are actually quite pretty.. I'm not so sure about the chicken feet...

Figs & Ginger - Earth Friendly and recycled material jewelry. I have a pair of their earrings; they are excellent quality and very cute.  Their stuff is made individually so their all vary slightly.

Bright Lights Little City - This might be my favorite. Glow in the dark lamp shade made out of those little party umbrellas that you put in your drink. Adorable and affordable.

Recycle My Dress - Here's a genius idea! Recycle that dress you wore once! I love it!

Here's a list of Art Star Philly's vendors for 2011. I couldn't list them all and haven't even looked at them all. But if you like oddball art check them out and see what you think.

Ever heard of Pinterest? My friend Nicole introduced me to it and it's so addicting! Here's my page. I've found so many amazing and creative ideas on it. Check it out. I recommend!

I will end this post with a quote about peace :)

He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees. - Benjamin Franklin

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